Bridge Park New Community Authority (NCA)

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Bridge Park New Community Authority (NCA)


The Bridge Park New Community Authority (NCA) is a separate public body governed by a Board of Trustees that oversees the development of public infrastructure improvements and community facilities. The purpose of the Bridge Park New Community Authority is to encourage the orderly development of a well-planned, diversified and economically sound new community. A “new community” can include facilities for the conduct of industrial, commercial, residential, cultural, educational and recreational activities designed in accordance with planning concepts for the placement of utility, open space and other supportive facilities as authorized under Chapter 349 of the Ohio Revised Code.


Membership consists of seven individuals:

  • Dublin City Council appoints three citizen members plus one local government representative.
  • The Developer appoints three members.


The NCA shall have the following powers:

  • Purchase of real or personal property.
  • Improve or sell real or personal property and community facilities.
  • Provide recreation, educational, health, social, vocational and cultural activities primarily for residents of the district.
  • Collect service fees to cover community development programs.
  • Enforce collection of community development charges.
  • Issue debt and pay costs of operation and maintenance of community facilities.

An NCA does not have authority over the following:

  • Zoning or subdivision regulations.
  • Provision of police or fire protection.
  • Water supply or sewer treatment or disposal.

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