Community Inclusion Advisory Committee

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Community Inclusion Advisory Committee


On August 8, 2020, Dublin City Council passed Resolution 41-20, approving the formation of the Community Task Force. The members of the Task Force represented a wide range of perspectives and identities in the community, including residents throughout Dublin, the business community, the school district and youth leaders. City Council directed the Task Force to identify solutions to defeat social injustice, bias, bigotry and racism in the community and establish corresponding long-term goals. In August 2021, the Task Force presented to City Council a recommended DEI Framework. The Task Force’s chief recommendation was for City Council to establish an ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advisory committee composed of Dublin residents with knowledge of the various cultural communities throughout the community.

On Nov. 9, 2021, Dublin City Council passed Resolution 72-21, establishing the Community Inclusion Advisory Committee (CIAC). The purpose of the CIAC is to advise Dublin City Council on the unique needs of diverse Dublin residents and to consider the further development and feasibility of implementing the Community Task Force’s DEI Framework.


The CIAC will consist of 11 City of Dublin residents with knowledge of the diversity of the community. Members will serve in staggered terms. Five of the initial appointees will serve for an initial one-year term. Six of the initial appointments will serve a two- year term.

While demographic alignment is not required, applicants must display an adequate degree of connectivity and engagement with the diverse communities of Dublin. The City is looking for residents with a deep understanding of the perspectives and experiences of different cultural communities, ages, identities and abilities representative of those who reside in the City of Dublin.


The committee will hold a regular monthly meeting unless there is no business to come before the committee. Additional special meetings may necessary. All meetings of the board will be open to the public.

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