Community Services Advisory Commission

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Community Services Advisory Commission


A Community Services Advisory Commission of the City of Dublin is hereby formed to address and to make recommendations to Council on community services, parks and recreation services, natural resources and related issues at the request of Council.


The Community Services Advisory Commission shall be comprised of as many resident members as Council deems necessary to fulfill the duties of the Commission, except that at no time shall the Commission have less than three members as required by Section 7.02 of the Revised Charter of Dublin, Ohio. All members shall be appointed by Council and shall serve three year terms, subject to alteration as Council deems necessary to accomplish a staggering of the expiration of terms. Terms shall commence upon appointment and end on March 31 in the year of the completed term. Members shall serve in accordance with Section 7.02 of the Revised Charter of Dublin, Ohio. Members shall not be appointed from specific organizations or groups; however, Council shall endeavor to appoint persons with expertise in the areas of community services and parks and recreation, including but not exclusive of, active and passive recreation, cultural arts/activities, youth activities, senior citizens activities, sustainability, natural resources and open space preservation.

Terms of Office

Each member shall hold office from the date of his or her appointment for a term of three years. Any member may continue in office after his or her term expires until an appointed successor takes office; or until 60 days have elapsed, whichever occurs first.


All vacancies created by the expiration of the terms, resignations, or other means shall be filled in accordance with the requirements of division above. In the event the requirements of division cannot be met, Council may fill vacancies as it may deem appropriate. Vacancies shall be filled within 60 days as prescribed in Article VII of the City Charter. A member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve out the term of the previous member.

Rules of Procedure and Guidelines

The Board shall establish its Rules of Procedure and Guidelines with approval from City Council.


The Community Services Advisory Commission shall organize annually and elect a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson.


The Community Services Advisory Commission shall meet as determined necessary by the Chair. The Commission shall comply with Section 7.02 of the Revised Charter of Dublin, Ohio. The Chair shall have responsibility to establish an agenda jointly with city staff for each meeting. Minutes of all the Commission’s activities shall be kept and forwarded to Council, and an annual report covering its activities shall be prepared by the Commission each year.

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The Community Services Advisory Commission shall perform the following duties:

  • Provide feedback and/or make recommendations to City Council regarding the city’s high level of community services and parks and recreation services offered by various city departments and divisions.
  • Provide feedback to and/or make recommendations to City Council concerning the programs/services of the various departments and divisions. Such programs/services may include, but are not necessarily limited to: development and use of park lands and recreation facilities; cultural programs; solid waste management; cemeteries; environmental, natural resources (including trees and landscaping); street and utility maintenance/services; telecommunications/cable television; community health; community-oriented policing; neighborhood watch; D.A.R.E. advocacy; and other issues/programs as referred by City Council.
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise Council regarding the implementation and maintenance of the Dublin Community Plan as it addresses community facilities related to parks, recreation, open/green space and cultural arts, and preservation of the natural environment.
  • Recommend to City Council policies concerning the regulation and control of the planting, transplanting, maintenance and preservation of trees, shrubs and landscaping in city-owned or controlled property, and policies to preserve and enhance the natural environment of the city.
  • Recommend to City Council programs promoting both community involvement and the value of the city’s natural environment, which collectively enhance the city’s high quality of life.
  • Recommend to City Council programs, initiatives and infrastructure improvements promoting bicycling within the city.
  • Serve as a “sounding board” for city staff regarding the conduct and delivery of programs/services as mentioned in division (A)(2) of this section.
  • Give consideration to Council goals when making any recommendation.
  • Perform such other duties and functions as assigned by Council.
  • The Community Services Advisory Commission shall act solely in an advisory capacity to Council and all reports and proposals shall be made to Council.
  • The Community Services Advisory Commission shall call upon the City Manager, and through the City Manager, any department of the city to render assistance to the Commission as may reasonably be required.

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