Veterans Committee

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Veterans Committee

Purpose and Duties

The Dublin Veterans Committee was established to ensure those who served our country and reside within the City of Dublin have a platform to provide City Council and Staff insight regarding the needs of the veteran community. The Veterans Committee provides City Staff invaluable input regarding annual veteran-related community events, the management and design of the Grounds of Remembrance, and the maintenance of Dublin cemeteries relative to honoring veterans. Additionally, the City of Dublin leverages the perspectives of the Veterans Committee to inform its strategies regarding veteran engagement efforts and opportunities to uplift the service of our local veterans.


The Veterans Committee consists of 10 community members and are appointed by City Council. To ensure that all veteran branches and local stakeholders are represented, the committee is comprised of one member representing the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, American Legion Post 800, Dublin City Council and Washington Township Trustees. The Chair and Vice Chair can represent any military branch.

Terms of Office

Members of the Veterans Committee will serve two-year terms with an option for re-appointment.


A vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the member’s term as soon as practical using the same process used for the original appointments. End-of-term vacancies shall be filled by City Council’s normal appointment process.


The Veterans Committee elects from its appointed membership a Chair and Vice Chair whose duties include coordinating meeting agendas and committee support with the assistance of the Veterans Committee Liaison, presiding over meetings and serving as the spokesperson of the Veterans Committee. The Vice Chair serves in the absence of the Chair.

The City Manager, or their designee serves, as the primary staff liaison and will provide all necessary administrative support and coordination needs of the Veterans Committee. Additional City of Dublin staff members will attend regular meetings to inform the committee and participate in discussions.


The Veterans Committee holds regular meetings every other month and will meet as often as determined necessary by the Chair of the committee. The committee complies with all public meeting requirements. All meetings of the committee will be open to the public. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chair. At least 48 hours before the time and place shall be given by the City or by the Chair to each member of the committee. City of Dublin staff members maintain minutes of all Veterans Committee meetings.

Reporting Requirements

Other than meeting minutes, the Veterans Committee may report to City Council its progress, concerns, issues, recommendations and/or needs as frequently as it or Council may deem necessary.

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